THE Terra Alice STORY

Terra Alice is an Indian handmade pottery brand founded by Anisha Crasto. A Design & Photography graduate from NID-Ahmedabad, her first interaction with pottery was in the form of a photography project — a large format coffee-table book on the Padmashree-winning potter B.R.Pandit. Being someone who has always loved to to make things with her own hands, the possibilities offered by the very nature of clay and the whole range of processes that goes into the making of a pot from throwing to making glazes to firing made a very strong impression on her.

After a string of professional projects and corporate stints, she took the big plunge and took up a 6 months of intensive training in ceramics at Auroville, Pondicherry. In her own words

I have always loved the process of that goes into designing & making of something. To explore & exploit the possibilities inherent in every stage before realising the finished product. At all times I feel that I am thinking & executing both with my mind as well as my hands and my body. The process cannot be divided into two separate compartments. I feel that pottery has drawn me closer to being fully alive, being human.

And I have never felt happier than when I am doing things with my hands — learning by doing and keeping the senses alive.

I will always love graphic design and photography that draw from stories from everyday life, people and their diverse life experiences, places of the past and present. Through pottery I hope to keep alive and incorporate my love for Graphic Design and Photography.

I believe quality design should be affordable, stylish, relevant and also be a part of our everyday.

The brand Terra Alice, meaning the Earth of Alice, takes it name from my mother — my potter.